Start your own Business Listing Website


Anybody Interested to start a Business Listing Website like (Business Portal) in your locality? Contact us today!

We can make it done for you in just 5 Business Days and our offered price for this ready to launch business listing website is just $1500 USD, One Time Charge.

Off course, additionally you need to have your own Domain & Cloud Hosting Account in order to get this website installed in your server.

Once you contact us and make the payment, we can upload our ready to launch website in your server, configure and make it live online.

You will get the same website as shown in and you just need to change your logo, business information, payment gateway info etc… and then run your new business website.

Note: You will get only the website like Karticlix Business Portal but not the business listings submitted in our website. However, to get the look and feel, we will keep few listings in your website.


How one can earn money through this business listing website?

Once you start this business listing website, you need to advertise or promote your website in social media such as Facebook and also on Google to let people know about your website.

Once your website become popular, You can earn multiple streams of income through this business listing website and the first and foremost is through Google AdSense and the other are through your own banner ads and paid listings or subscription packages.

Tip: Before promoting your website online, make sure you have at least 100 listings submitted in your website. If no one is ready to submit their listings in your website, you can do it on behalf of them.

And finally, apply for Google AdSense and install thier code in your website and generate Google Ad Revenue.

Note: In order to get your website approved to run google ads, you need to have at least 100 listings submitted in your website, daily Min. 100 Visitors should come to your website and last but not the least, your website age should be at least 6 months old.


What are you waiting for?

Contact us today and start your own business listings website within a week! If you are interested, we recommend you contact us via Whatsapp for Quick Response. Our Whatsapp Number +919491789988.


Thanks & Regards, Team – Karticlix.

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